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The Orege SLG (solid, liquid, gas) solution can bring numerous benefits to your wastewater sludge thickening or dewatering process. Unlike other pre-treatment solutions, the SLG disrupts the rheology and structures within the sludge, and the separation of sludge solids from filtrate can be greatly enhanced and accelerated.
Our mobile and fixed solution reduce tanker transport by 60-70% redcuing operational cost and Co2

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SLG-F mobile

  1. Orege innovative modular water treatment solutions provide multiple advantages such as – minimal disruption to local customers, programme efficiency & certainty, and HSE & Carbon Reduction benefits from construction off-site in a factory environment. Find out more by viewing our products that we provide across multiple sectors –
  2. When the first SLG-F skid was conceived at Orege the goal was to have a truly transportable treatment solution that could be used on a plug and play basis wherever required. This latest solution will bring massive carbon reduction benefits as the SLG-F thickening unit isn’t built from scratch on site the traditional cost & time-consuming way.
  3. This solution significantly reduces cost across the board and can be delivered within 8-12 weeks, using this method either skid or container is so cost effective you would be able to deliver four of these as opposed to 1 tradition D&B.
SLG-F fully mobile plug and play thickener
SLG-F Continer
SLG-F Mobile
SLG-G Skid
  1. Indeed, the journey to carbon neutrality takes many forms. How can utilities meet net-zero emissions?
  2. How can we reduce the carbon impact water & wastewater re-cycling has on the environment while delivering an unprecedented return on investment?
  3. Either of the above options can and will reduce tankers by 60-70%

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