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Anna Whitemore and Daniel Buxton
Mott MacDonald
Transforming Commissioning with Digital Twins
Dermot Hughes
NVP Energy
An introduction to NVP Energy's unique ambient temperature anaerobic digestion technology for direct treatment of sewage. Outlining the technology features and benefits.
Ian Ross
The Emerging Issue Per- & Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs)
Annette Mitchell
Aquacheck Engineering Ltd
A brief look at the latest research undertaken by Aquacheck and Manchester Metropolitan University in tackling the problem of Lead in Drinking Water Supplies. From onsite, real time water quality testing to viable domestic filtration systems.
Dr Bojana Jankovic-Nisic
Smart water and strategic network optimisation
James Chapman and Richard Addison
Hack UK
The AMP7 Phosphorus Challenges & Strategies for P-Removal

Hach will present the challenges in phosphorus removal for small and large wastewater treatment works. The established instrument, software and service provider will also look at strategies that can be employed to improve performance while maintaining site compliance.
Carolyn Hogg
Cascade Water Products
Introducing the Aqua Gratis - Micro Domestic Greywater Reuse System
Dr Darren Oatley-Radcliffe
Energy Safety Research Institute, Swansea University
RICE is a £9.2million ERDF project focussed on upscaling cutting edge research into demonstration units. WP2 within this project involves the development of an algal bio-refinery to utilise industrial waste emissions to produce value added products
James Knightbridge
Mott MacDonald
How do we deliver sustainability and catchment resilience? The role of SMNR and its implementation across water and wastewater.
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