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Dermot Hughes

Technical Manager
NVP Energy

Sewage treatment is a carbon and energy intensive process. In addition, the use of a process such as activated sludge for treatment generates significant quantities of secondary sludge which must be managed. NVPE has developed a unique, innovative wastewater treatment approach for municipal sewage wastewater based on the anaerobic conversion of wastewater pollutants at ambient temperatures. The anaerobic process which is widely used for sewage treatment in warmer climates is now possible in cooler climates like the UK and Ireland thanks to NVP Energy’s specially developed low temperature anaerobic treatment process. By applying NVP Energy's AMBI-ROBIC process as the first stage treatment significant operational benefits can be realised, such as lower treatment costs, significantly lower sludge generation and much improved carbon impact. This presentation will introduce the AMBI-ROBIC technology and detail the benefits that can be gained by applying this approach in a number of scenarios.

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