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Detectronic Ltd

Detectronic is a specialist in water monitoring and works with water companies and industrial customers to enable regulatory and environmental compliance, improve process efficiencies and reduce costs. Detectronic provides complete turnkey solutions in the design, manufacturing, installation and service of ultrasonic wastewater flow and level monitoring equipment for the water industry. At Detectronic, we provide a range of wastewater management services to help you.

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Latest innovation in sewer networking monitoring

As a manufacturer, Detectronic own the IPR for many of its products and support a dedicated team of development engineers to enhance products. As a service provider, the close working relationship with customers provides real insight into the ever changing requirements and application challenges the industry is experiencing. Not only does this lead to bespoke solutions being developed for customers, it also drives product development. The last 12 months has seen a number of innovations including our brand new LIDoTT Level Sensor and our new AI powered sewer network software, DetecAnalytics.

ATEX LIDoTT Sewer level monitor

The ATEX LIDoTT sensor integrates Level, Depth and Temperature sensors with NB-IoT into one compact device designed specifically for sewer network monitoring. The Sensor delivers the highest quality data throughout dry weather and wet weather or blockage induced surcharge conditions. It uses patented technology which allows automatic and seamless transitioning between ultrasonic level and pressure depth measurement. This removes the need for external breather apparatus and the ultrasonic dead band. LIDoTT can be integrated with existing loggers and data platforms including DetecAnalytics.

DetecAnalytics - Predictive Sewer Monitoring

DetecAnalytics is an AI predictive analytics tool for wastewater networks. By providing accurate predictions and actionable insights 24 hours a day, DetecAnalytics enables water and sewage companies (WaSC's) to make well informed decisions across the wastewater network. Using smart algorithms and deep machine learning with real time data, historic data sets, rainfall data across the network actionable alerts and alarms can be generated autonomously. The machine learning technology makes dry weather flow predictions and uses the additional data to predict future level, flow and anomalies.

LIDoTT and DetecAnalytics Benefits

LIDoTT Sensor Benefits


-Ultrasonic and Pressure level technologies in one sensor.

-Used for an early warning

-Monitors DWF and high alarm transitions.

-Patented technology provides seamless transition of level data even in surcharge conditions.

-No issues with dead-band/blanking distance.

-No issues with temperature variation through the ultrasonic beam and air column.

-Allows both valuable DWF and Surcharge conditions to be measured without the loss of data.

-Highest quality data preventing false operations call outs and increasing self-reporting.

-Multiple alarm set points available.


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