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ZEROSION Corrosion Defence

ZEROSION is hand applied, anti-corrosion coating, specifically designed to arrest and prevent corrosion on bolted joints, irregular / complex shapes, pipelines.

The system is specifically designed to be applied to areas that:

* Require access or “cracking” of nuts, bolts or face / surface separation
* Areas that require coating, where “blasting” would present an issue
* Areas under H2S attack and areas where WRAS approved coatings are required.

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ZEROSION is an anti-corrosion system specifically created to protect bolted joints, flanges, and valve assemblies or assemblies that require access or “cracking” for access.

The coating is designed to be applied to pre-installed assets, to protect them against corrosion and to be removeable, when access is required and is applied via hand (brush, roller or airless spray) and is as simple as painting.

ZEROSION is specifically designed to be applied to either new assets, or assets that have existing corrosion. The system has inbuilt corrosion inhibitors, so removes the need for blasting the asset prior to coating, all that is required is a wire brush / light surface preparation.

…And why create it?

We all know that paint is the traditional coating, used throughout the world, to protect metallic assets from corrosion, and we all know what happens when paint chips, delaminates, or becomes damaged, or more importantly, when bolted sections require access or need to cracked….

This IS the why, the NG-250 system is designed to be applied to your substrates to protect them in their current state, with NO BLASTING and no chemical preparation.

When access / action is required, the system can be cut and peeled off, revealing the assets in the exact same state they were coated in, conduct action /work.

Once the action / work is completed, a quick coating of ZEROSION over the top of the accessed bolted system, and the asset / substrate is protected. And when access is required in the future, you simply cut it off…

As Engineers, we have all had to waste time dealing with seized nuts and bolts at know the headache it can be.
So we designed a coating system, specifically designed to be applied to nuts, bolt and flanges, that can easily be applied, then cut away when access is required
Removing the time and cost associated with removing corroded nuts and bolts, and, with built in VCI, there is no need to blast areas prior to coating.

It sounds odd, that until now, the only viable option to protecting nuts and bolts on pipeline was grease or wax, because once the painted surface is cracked, the line has to be treated prior to re-coating or protection, so we decided to change that…


Zerosion is a self applied liquid coating system, that you simply cut off when you need access to a joint and then apply a coating when you have finished. The surface requires minimal surface prep, no blasting, no chemicals and the inbuilt VCI will protect the surface from further degradation; the substrates will be exactly as you left them.

ZEROSION is designed by engineers, with engineers in mind. The system is designed for ease of application and to ensure that bolted systems are protected against corrosion and degradation, and, are able to be accessed, when access is required. No more seized nuts and bolts, no more wasted days grinding off corroded bolts.

The best bit: the cost and ease of application means hundreds of thousands of pounds saved in broken down assets and in lost engineer-hours: to coat a 12” flange will cost around £25 and be protected for 10 years, and, your engineers can apply the coating, no expensive labour/contractors and no ridiculously priced application equipment.

Oh, and as we don’t leach oil, or contain grease, we easily passed BS6920 (WRAS) for cold water, in a treated water environment.

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ZEROSION Corrosion Defence

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