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AMP7 - Virtual Asset Training

Virtual Engage

“Arup Virtual Engage creates accessible, engaging and interactive virtual spaces which bring people, organisations and projects together.”

Arup Virtual Engage builds on the popularity of local public consultations, making the information available to a wider range of people, in a more convenient web-based experience. In a socially distant time, the value of a virtual and interactive environment in which to conduct these consultations, or any type of exhibition, is clear.

An example of this in use is Lisvane and Llanishen Virtual Information Room

Predictive Wastewater Network Digital Twin

A new and alternative approach to managing risk of WasteWater network flooding in Wales and Welsh Water.

Virtual Asset Training Tour

This uses the combination of 360-degree technology (visual, immersive and all encompassing) to create virtual tours of assets with digital signposting, allowing users to easily access key information quickly and see its relevance with relation to an asset.


In doing so, a fully interactive Training Tool has been created and a means in which the inefficiencies of the handover process can be solved.


Virtual Asset Training Tour packages the Virtual Asset into a handover deliverable to be used as a Visual Training Tool for Operatives, both on handover and far into the future, using;

  • Advances in 360-degree high resolution imagery to create fully immersive virtual replications of the assets being handed over, a ‘Virtual Asset’.

  • Embed key documents (such as O&M documents, Hazards and Telemetery), information and drawings within the Virtual Asset to facilitate direct access to information for the Operator.

The Virtual Asset is maintained with updates to ensure on-going risks and ’hands-on’ operator knowledge is captured for future operatives.


An interactive map is embedded within the tour which providing a higher-level overview of the site and its relation to other assets.


'How To’ style short training video is embedded within the Virtual Asset. This is to provide operators, using the tour for the first time, a quick run through of the Training Tool’s main features and how to navigate around the Virtual Asset and if needed bridge the knowledge gap for those who felt less comfortable using this type of technology.

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