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We’re an established digital agency. We work in partnership with complex businesses that have complex systems to navigate. A good partnership is about encouraging difficult conversations so we can reach a better destination. Innovation has never been an outcome of easy.

For over 20 years, we’ve combined the best in technical knowledge and execution with data-driven customer experience design to help our partners realise their ambitions.
We do these things right, we create beautiful experiences.

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What we were aiming to do

There were clear aims to Welsh Water’s digital transformation programme that put customers at the heart of their goals:

  • Meet customer needs

  • Enable customers to self-serve where possible

  • Reduce transactional costs through automation

  • Reduce overall water consumption

  • Provide support to customers in financial hardship

The process we use means that customers are also the driving force of innovation. We make use of the technology available to us to underpin exciting changes.

Homepage of the Welsh Water website
Focus group around a screen
Screen printouts on a large wall
Woman interacting with a webpage

User Research and Testing

We carried out user group testing to gain insight into customer’s perception and relationship with Welsh Water, and how they interact with different account services.

The research groups focused on existing user behaviour on the website and their expectations around account management, moving house, and new connections.

Understanding customer emotions at, what can be, stressful times, provides the inspiration to design experiences that are simple, intuitive and engaging to use.

Before starting any development, we then tested concepts and prototyped pages with customers. Customer feedback at these stages is also crucial to ensuring what we intend to develop addresses pain points and meets needs.

How customer research drove design

This analysis of behaviour and priorities, along with data, informed detailed personas to be used in the 

project for user journey mapping, design, and personalisation.

Working closely with the Welsh Water digital team, business analysts and subject matter experts, we developed ways to make self-service more efficient and looked for further opportunities to improve the experience.

Our agile working and delivery methods meant we could release functionality and adapt as required in response to further customer feedback.

What Impact has this had?

Quotes from customers

There’s been some excellent feedback from customers, and some great results for Welsh Water:

Direct Debits:

  • 25,000 completed, exceeding business targets

  • Automation up to 70%

  • Submit meter reading from 20% to over 80% automated submissions

  • 37% reduction in billing calls

  • 27% increase paying online

  • 38% increase in webform submissions

  • 18% increase in digital vs offline contacts

We’ve laid solid foundations to build on in AMP7, continuing to engage with customers and provide an excellent, personalized service, whilst making efficiency savings for Welsh Water.

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