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Citzen Development in the EDT using the Power Platform

The availability of technical resource and support in any Organisation is finite. While solutions and improvements can be identified across an Organisation, its often the case that only those solutions offering macro benefits across multiple teams with high efficiencies and a quick return on investment will be prioritised.


Citizen development is a new way of working that enables those with a keen interest in computing and an ability to learn autonomously to create technical solutions safely and efficiently with widespread roll out across teams at minimal cost.


Microsoft’s Power Platform is a game changer for Organisations who have pockets of innovators and skilled, technical individuals spread throughout various teams within the business. These individuals or sub teams can help to deliver a greater volume of positive, secure change within the business, increasing micro benefits that add up over time, continually improving the wider Organisation one solution at a time.

Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it. We have provided 2 short case studies of solutions developed within the Engineering Delivery Team in the last 6 months.  Read on to take a look at some of our upcoming Power Platform solutions helping to drive quality and assurance up while meeting the efficiency challenges of AMP7. 

Future Apps

The QMS App is a big step towards automation of documentation and workflows within the business. It can auto-create templates, apply mandatory metadata and name documents in line with our file naming conventions. It also enables teams to track the status of mandatory project documentation and has a dashboard enabling programme level analysis of compliance and completion of key project deliverables.


Release date: April 2021

Expected benefits:

•Time and cost saving in through automation of manual tasks

•Improved governance and control

•Ability to analyse programme wide performance regarding key project deliverables at each stage of a project through a PowerBI dashboard

The CTR-D App is designed to collect critical site safety information in a controlled and more time efficient manner. Using mobile technology, the CTR-D app will reduce the time taken to capture this critical data while also enhancing analytical capabilities.​

CTRD App.png

Release date: January 2021​

Expected benefits:​

  • Time saving of 630 days per year (3 FTE's!)​

  • Improved data quality and control​

  • Enhanced analytical capabilities through PowerBI

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