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 Cog Moors WwTW AAD Plant
Circular Economy
Use of Existing buildings

Engagement with the design teams, supply chain and from site visits identified opportunities for the reuse of existing assets, such as:

  1. A secondary storage tank base was utilised and modified with Pre cast concrete panels to create a split Post Digestion Storage Tank;

  2. Another secondary storage tank base was utilised and modified for the gas holder (and designed to reuse site won materials rather than purchase virgin aggregate, and bring in void formers);

  3. Existing filtrate tank base utilised for a new MCC4 base;

  4. The drainage design incorporated and utilised the existing filtrate / centrate return pumping station rather than build a new one;

  5. The Old boiler / plant room was converted to house MCC1

Advanced Anaerobic Digestion

Advanced Anaerobic Digestion (AAD) Plants take normally 18 months to construct plus 6 months to commission, however by using this off site construction work was completed in 23 months (incl. 3 months delay due to COVID). This resulted in a carbon savings of 1 months less time on site.

Offsite manufacturing de-risked the programme and allowed us to minimise further delays despite the impact of COVID social distancing. COVID-19 had resulted in reduced the number of site personnel required on site by approximately 30%. Offsite manufacturing limited the programme delays that were caused by COVID-19. Such as less travel, less restriction on site, less accommodation required.

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