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AMP6 - Phosphorus (P) Removal Schemes

As part of the requirements of the water framework directive, new permits for phosphorus limits have been applied to several wastewater treatment works across Wales. The outcome of all the P schemes was to upgrade the treatment works to provide robust treatment to achieve the phosphorus limit at the discharge to and improve the chemical status of the river. In addition, provision for catchment growth up to 2035 was also to be assessed and included within the solution.


During AMP6, Arup were the designer for three P schemes, Brynmawr (£4.3m), Raglan (£2.3m) and Weycock Cross (£4.4m).


Weycock Cross was a pump away scheme as that delivered best value.


All works are discharging less P to the environment and operating well, as such the outcomes of the schemes have been achieved. Apart from an outstanding issue with the final screening at Raglan, delivery is complete on all three schemes.

AMP7 - Phosphorus (P) Removal Schemes

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Arup were involved in the PR19 planning for the AMP7 P programme building up a selection of bottom up prices through high level technical assessments to feed into the business plan costing and building the ofwat submission cases up to support Welsh Water’s vision for AMP7.


Since the start of AMP7 we have already undergone Risk and Value exercises on three P Schemes and plan to will have completed a further three by the end of the calendar year.


Arup/Morgan Sindall are working with Welsh Water to help realise maximum benefits from the River Wye improvement fund by programming delivery.


We are pursuing natural treatment solutions to R&V at Clyro, Kingstone Madely and Weobly. Reed bed treatment is being considered for Clyro and is the preferred solution at Kingstone Madley.

Additional Information

Innovative treatments never applied in Welsh Water before are being planned for the Weobly scheme;


  • Facultative lagoons wastewater treatment
    Type of waste stabilization pond used for biological treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater.
    Aero-Fac® modular wastewater treatment system - pictures taken from GurneyEnvironmental

  • Algae chemical free wastewater treatment
    Sustainable alternative for wastewater treatment
    Pictures provided by I-PHYC

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