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Strategic Response 10

Addressing our ‘worst served’ customers

Faced with increasing customer expectations for a good service at all times, we will address the longstanding
service complaints of ‘worst served customers’ to ensure that everyone receives an acceptable level of service.

SR10 - Addressing our ‘worst served’ customers with Imogen Brown

Cadarnhau Presenoldeb

We believe that we need to recognise that a
small number of our customers do not
receive an acceptable level of service. To do
this, we will not charge customers when their
service does not meet our service standards.
We will aim to address these poor standards
by considering the following:
• The development of a suite of minimum
service standards for all customers
irrespective of cost-benefit constraints;
• A commitment to automatically suspend
water or sewerage charges in the event of
service quality failures;
• A step-change in the way we
communicate with those experiencing
• Prevent low pressure;
• Eliminate sewer flooding; and
• Resolve issues of interruption to supply.


Cadarnhau Presenoldeb

Welsh Water will explore the following
research topics to support this strategic
• Develop, through our innovation process
and with Alliance partners, innovative
‘small’ capital solutions such as low cost
‘package pumping stations’ to resolve
issues for our ‘worst served’ customers;
• Continue to contribute to Water UK’s 21st
Century Drainage Programme and
implement drainage and wastewater
management plans to inform our
decisions for our worst-served customers.
We will work with our university partners and
our supply chain to develop low cost capital
solutions, and continue involvement with
aligned research programmes such as
UKWIR, Cardiff University Water Institute,
Pennine Water Group / Sheffield University.

Cadarnhau Presenoldeb

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