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Business Modelling Associates (BMA)

Business Modelling Associates (BMA) is a leading UK based business analytics & solutions development firm with an international client base. We design solutions that help clients systemically and holistically model their end-to-end operations, analyse what-if scenarios and explore how potential changes in their business context affect service, costs, investor returns, sustainability and risk.

BMA specialise in asset intensive industries such as utilities, supporting decisions across multiple timeframes, from the optimisation of day-to-day operations to reducing the risk associated with corporate strategy implementation. BMA’s portfolio of Advanced Digital Business Twin solutions help companies compete and win by giving them the tools to visualise, analyse & optimise their key decisions within complex, dynamic & competitive commercial environments.

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Intro to BMA

  • Business conceptualised in 2008
  • We visualise, analyse and optimise business critical decisions for complex asset systems
  • First UK Water client in 2013, currently working with 8 of the 10 WaSCs
  • Analytics Partner for the World Water Innovation Fund
  • We employ global leading technologies accessed via our own configurable analytics platform
BMA Solutions and Clients
Financial comparison
Process utilisation

Solutions can be deployed to support a range of applications, from strategic decision support tools to operational planning.

  • In strategic models the objective is typically to maximise NPV, defining the best set and timing of investments to meet performance commitments, manage TotEx within financial constraints and understand strategic risk.
  • In tactical models the objective is typically to minimise OpEx and manage risk which affects in-AMP performance. Our solutions allow deeper understanding of demand seasonality, determine the optimal scheduling of maintenance, determine the impact on capacity constraints and compliance risk.
  • In operational models the objective is typically to minimise OpEx for daily or weekly operations, allowing managers to plan scheduled maintenance and react to unplanned events. These solutions provide unit cost visibility for operational processes, enabling improved understanding of decisions across the entire network, supporting communications across different business units.

BMA Roadmap to NetZero

Active across several utility sectors, BMA not only provide thought leadership on complex systemic problems unique to individual sectors (see previous Leakage example), but also how to optimise the approach to challenges common to all.

Industrial scale de-carbonisation is just such an example, requiring collaboration, innovation and an integrated plan.

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