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Synthetix has been empowering companies with conversational customer engagement tools, powered by AI since 2001. The leading cloud-based software supports your customers and employees through the power of unified solutions that promote CX. With AI-powered knowledge management, self-service, chatbot and live chat tools that can seamlessly integrate, agents become more productive and customers receive an enhanced, optimised level of customer support and digital experience.

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Lili, Welsh Water's Chatbot

Lili is more than just a chatbot. With Natural Language Processing, Lili understands user intent and resolves customer queries in a frictionless manner on Welsh Water's website. Powered by AI, she learns from each customer interaction, continuously improving customer experience over time as a leading brand ambassador for Welsh Water.

Synthetix Knowledge
Synthetix Chat
Synthetix Decisions

Integrated customer service tools are more than the sum of their parts. Welsh Water benefits from a raft of additional products from Synthetix:


Synthetix Knowledge is a centralised intelligent Knowledge Base, supporting your customer and supporting your agents.


Synthetix Chat is the natural escalation point of customer contact after a Chatbot, handling more sensitive or complex queries.


Synthetix Decisions is a flowchart-like agent scripting tool, empowering your agents with the tools to enable advanced problem-solving.

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